PPO’s 2nd Ya ~Ya Sisterhood Event

In April 2005 PPO held a fun event for members for the second time...to make each other PPO Sisterhood hats like the movie Ya-Ya Sisterhood.  This was a fun project that those who participated really enjoyed...

Below you’ll meet some of your PPO Sisters and see how much they enjoy their hats!  Ya-Ya!!!!!

Thank you to everyone who made this event
so special and fun!  Enjoy the pictures!!

~ Hat no. 1 ~
From Princess Lies like a Rug to Queen Head in the Clouds! This hat definately has a froggy theme....LOLLLLLLLL. (Annette to Renae)

~ Queen Head in the Clouds ~

~ Hat no. 2 ~
From Queen Head in the Clouds to Princess Lies like a Rug! This hat is in blue tones with a garden theme.
(Renae to Annette)

~ Princess Lies like a Rug ~

~ Hat no. 3 ~
From Princess Three-sheets-to-the-Wind to Queen Drunk as a Skunk! LMAOOO!!!
(Tama to Analisa)

~ Queen Drunk as a Skunk ~

Sista Analisa came in
2nd Place for her beautiful Princess PPO sistahood hat she made for Miss Tama!!! Ü

~ Hat no. 4 ~
From Queen Drunk as a Skunk to Princess Three-sheets-to-the-Wind! This hat is for PPO’s lovely princess!
(Analisa to Tama)

Is this really Princess Three- Sheets-to-the-wind???

~ Queen Young Chicken ~

~ Hat no. 5 ~
From Countess Laughing Lemurs to Queen Young Chicken!
(Shelly to Donna) 

~ Hat no. 6 ~
From Queen Young Chicken to Countess Laughing Lemurs!
(Donna to Shelly)

~ Countess Laughing Lemers ~

Sista Colleen came in 1st Place for her beautiful purple PPO sistahood hat she made for the Boss Lady !!! Ü

~ Hat no. 7 ~
From Countess Shops too Much to Duchess Flying Leaf!
(Colleen to Laura)

~ Duchess Flying Leaf ~

~ Hat no. 8 ~
From Duchess Flying Leaf to Countess Shops too Much!
(Laura to Colleen)

~ Countess Shops to Much ~

Sista Ute came in
2nd Place for her beautiful daisy PPO sistahood hat she made especially for
Miss Jackie!!! Ü

~ Hat no. 9 ~
From Duchess Crazy like a fox to Princess Because I said So!
(Ute to Jackie)

~ Princess Because I said So ~

~ Hat no. 10 ~
From Princess Because I said So to Duchess Crazy like a fox!
(Jackie to Ute) 

~ Duchess Crazy like a Fox ~

~ Countess Busy Bee ~

~ Hat no. 11 ~
From Empress Dancing Feet to Countess
Busy Bee!
(Kaja to Menia)

~ Hat no. 12 ~
From Countess
Busy Bee to Empress Dancing Feet!
(Menia to Kaja) 

~ Hat no. 13 ~
From Duchess Rude like a New Yorker to Duchess Rising Fawn!
(Janelle to Dee Dee)

~ Empress Dancing Feet ~

~ Duchess Rising Fawn ~

~ Hat no. 14 ~
From Duchess Rising Fawn to Duchess Rude like a New Yorker!
(Dee Dee to Janelle)

~ Duchess Rude like a New Yorker ~

3rd Place Winner!!
Sista Janelle’s name was drawn out of all of the contest entries and was picked as our third place winner for submitting her vote in our contest!!
Congratulations Sista Ü

~ Hat no. 15 ~
From Marhioness Gabby Guppie to Duchess Speaks in Tounges!
(Carrie to Cassie)

Access Our 1st Ya-Ya Hat event by clicking on the bear above :)

Visit the Official Ya-Ya Sisterhood website to get your Ya-Ya name from the name generator...it's a real blast, just go to:

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