Valentine’s Day Themes

Valentine Mailboxes:


Materials needed:
Shoebox, construction paper, scissors, glue, misc. craft supplies

Cover the shoebox with red construction paper and cut a mail slot in the top. Decorate the box with paper scraps, material scraps, stickers, whatever you wish.


Materials: 2 paper plates, green paint, white, red, pink foam, scissors, glue, black marker,stapler,red foam hearts.

Directions: Cut out one half of one plate. Staple it to full size plate. Paint the entire plate green. while drying, make frog eyes, out of white foam, lips from pink foam, tongue from red foam. Glue to plate to form a frog face. Add details with marker to the face. Add red foam heart beside the lips.

Valentine Crown

Materials: Paper plate, red paint, paintbrushes, scissors, white glue, Conversation heart candies.

Directions: Cut a slit across the middle of the plate, starting about an inch inside the outer rim and stopping about an inch from the outer rim on other side of plate. Starting at the centre of the plate, cut four more slits to create six pie shaped sections. Fold sections up to make crown. Paint the plate on one side and let dry. Paint the other side and let dry. Decorate crown by gluing conversation hearts to each point.


Chalk Hearts

Materials: Pink construction paper, red and white chalk, butter knife, dish pan, and water.  

Directions: Cut a heart shape out of pink construction paper. Fill the dish pan with water. Using a butter knife to grate red and white chalk onto the surface of the water in a dish pan. Then gently place the pink heart over the water. Pick it up and place somewhere to dry.  

Foil Hearts

Materials: Aluminium foil, pieces of red, white, or pink construction paper, glue, scissors, red paint, q- tips.

Directions: Cut two hearts out of aluminium foil. Glue them onto the piece of construction paper. Have children paint the hearts with a q-tip. Makes a sparkly Valentine display.

Puzzles Piece Heart

Materials: Puzzle pieces, red paint, cardboard, sequins, glue,child's picture.

Directions: Have the children paint the puzzle pieces red. Have them glue them on a heart shaped piece of cardboard(round the edges). Have them decorate with sequins, etc., take picture of the child. Cut out a centre and glue it in.


Heart Shaped People

Materials: red construction paper, glue, marker, googly eyes.

Directions: Cut out One large heart for body, a medium heart shape for head, and  4 smaller heart shapes for hand and feet. Cut two strips of paper and accordion- style for arms. Glue together. Decorate with markers, googly eyes,etc.

Valentine Cookies

Materials: Graham crackers, red frosting, Alpha-Bits cereal.

Directions: Frost graham crackers with red frosting. Add a message with alpha- Bit cereal.


Valentine Containers

Materials: baby jar and lid. Washed and dried. Pink and red paint, paintbrush, red, and pink "Painters" paint markers, candy

Directions: Use the paint markers to draw on a few hearts on the side of the jar. You may wish to ad TO/FROM on the jar as well. Let dry. Paint a pink heart on the lid and let dry. Fill the jar with Valentine candy. Fasten lid to jar and give to someone special for Valentine's Day!


Valentine Treat Cup

Materials: Recycled individual pudding cup container, flat wooded hearts(four small, four medium and large) acrylic paint,(red) red and pink pipe cleaner, thick craft glue, hole punch.

Directions: Use red paint to paint the medium and large hearts and pink for the small hearts. Add pink and red dots around the hearts if you wish. Glue the Large hearts to each side of container and glue medium and small hearts on the top part of the container. Hole punch each side of container. Twist the red and pink pipe cleaner together to form a handle. Insert into the holes. Add Valentine candy inside of container and enjoy!

Songs and Fingerplays

BE MY VALENTINE(sung to Mary had a Little Lamb)

You're a special
Friend of Mine
Friend of Mine
Friend of Mine
You're a special
Friend of mine
Be my Valentine!


I'm a little Valentine
Red and White
With ribbon and lace
I'm a beautiful sight
I can say "I Love You"
On Valentine's Day
Just put me in a envelope
And give me away.


here is a Valentine.
I made it just for you.
With paper and ribbons
And lots of Elmer's glue!
I cut it with my scissors
And designed it with my paint.
If I tell you that I love you,
Do you promise not to faint.


5 little valentines just for you
The first one says,"My love is true"
The second one says,"You have my heart"
The third one says," Let us never part"
The fourth one says " Won't you please be mine?
The fifth one says, "Till the end of time"

If you have some Crafts you would like to share...please send your craft & curriculum ideas to Laura.  We are always adding ideas & we’d love to share yours......

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