PPO’s Traveling Teddy Bear

Roaming Ralph

Hi there....my name is Roooooaming Ralph!

Ralphy is FINALLY HOME after
1  1/2 Years of Travel!!

“Where did he go?... look below!!”

Would you like Roaming Ralph to come visit your home & your day care children for a week?  Well, Ralphy is set out to do just that!

He will come visit your home for 7 days and will come in a little suit case to carry him & all of his personal belongings with him...Inside you will find many surprises.  Some you will keep, some you will share, and some will be sent on to the next home he visits...

With Ralph you will find a disposable camera to take photos of him with the daycare children, and send it on to the next home.  The camera will not be developed until it is full & returned to Copperrr.  She is Ralphy’s owner :o)  Each place he visits will take two photos to be added to Roaming Ralph’s Web page once he returns home again...

You will also find in Roaming Ralph’s trunk a scroll with secret instructions that must stay with him...and go to the next visitors...and a journal for each family Ralph stays with to write in.

Ralphy would also like to collect postcards from each State he visits....to take with him on his journey. He would like to remember every where he’s been.

In his trunk you will find some little surprises of which you may keep....but if you choose to keep something...or all of them, you must replace them with new surprises before sending him on his way to his next destination...his special gifts must always be full :o) so he doesn’t get lonely during his travels.

Hmmmmmmmm, he is wondering how many new friends he will meet...and how long he will be gone...but he’s very excited to get on his journey, so please follow the instructions to sign-up to have Roaming Ralph come visit you and your family soon!

He leaves for his first adventure on July 1st....so hurry and sign up!!!!  He’s sooooo excited!


**Special Note:  Providers that sign~up to participate in the Traveling Teddy Bear program will be responsible for the shipping charges to send Roaming Ralph to his next destination...refunds for Shipping will not be given  :o)

Roaming Ralph’s Schedule started July 1st, 2002!
Follow the yellow paw print will tell you where
Ralphy is at the moment  :o)

1. Janelle F., Monrivia, CA

2. Laura C., Portland, OR

3. Michelle P., Saskatoon, Canada

4. Sharon C., Pardeeville, WI

5. Jennifer M., Norman, OK

6. Jackie J., Salem, OR

7. Lauri S., Kalamazoo, MI

8. Yvette N., Slidell, LA

9. Maria L., San Antonio, TX

10. Cheryl B., Jonesville, LA

11. Julie B., Columbus, OH

12. Julie K., Indianapolis, IN

13. Erika S., Jackson, CA

14. Annette B., Fridley, MN

15. Leslie G., Jackson, CA

16. Cheryl G., C. Heights, MN

17. Sue D., Glen Burnie, MD

18. Cathy S., Robesonia, PA

20. Carol N., Wernersville, PA

21. Renae N., Portage, WI

22. Ladonna H., Harrison, AR

23. Dina G., Converse, TX

24. Shelly F., Las Vegas, NV

25. Kaja D., Riverside, CA


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This Event is finally over after a year and a half out on the road ;o)  Please come back soon to see pictures of Ralph’s adventures!!!!

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