St. Patrick’s Day Themes

NEW Crafts
by Jan

Green and White Art
Let children make pictures using green glitter, Crayons, Pens, Colored Pencils, Markers, Paint, String, Yarn, Ribbon, Tissue Paper, Torn Paper, Holes from a Hole Punch, Shamrock Stickers, Buttons, Colored Glue, Colored Tape, Chalk, Wet Chalk, Wrapping Paper, Shamrock Shaped Sponge Painting, Shamrock or Leprechaun stamps or Pasta or rice colored with green food coloring. 

Shamrock Mobile
Have the children cut out and decorate different shamrock shapes, then attach the shapes to a hanger with yarn for a mobile. 

Green Shaving Cream Art
Add a few drops of green paint to shaving cream. Have the children use this to paint with. Not mixing the paint in will give it a special look.

Torn Paper Shamrocks
Draw a shamrock shape on a piece of paper. Have the children tear pieces of green construction paper, and glue them inside the lines for the shamrock shape.

Shamrock Necklaces
Supply the children with shamrock shaped stencil. Have the children cut out shamrock shapes from construction paper. Then, have them use a hole punch to make a hole, so they can thread them onto a piece of yarn.

Noodle Necklaces
Supply the children with pasta noodles that have been dyed green, or use many different colors for a rainbow necklace, and yarn. Have the children thread the noodles onto the yarn to make a necklace.

Sponge Art
Supply the children with St Patrick's Day sponges and paint and have them make a St Patricks' Day scene with them.

Shamrock Cookie Cutter Art:
Obtain a cookie cutter that is shaped like a shamrock. Have the children dip the cookie cutter in a shallow container of green paint, then press onto a piece of paper to make shamrock prints.

Green Spray Paint Art:
Obtain a clean spray bottle. Add water and a little bit of liquid or powdered tempera. Then, place a large piece of paper on an easel, and have the children spray the colored water onto the paper.

Kool Aid Art
Sprinkle a little dry greeen kool aid mix onto a piece of paper. Have your child spray water from a spray bottle onto the paper. For added adventure, you may choose to take your children out into the rain with a piece of paper that has kool-aid on it.

Rain and Rainbow Collage
Look in a magazine or newspaper for pictures of rain, or rainbows, cut them out, and let your child glue them onto a piece of paper for a collage.

Torn Paper Rainbows
Apply glue onto a piece of paper where the first color of the rainbow should be, you can make a half or full arc. Have your child apply red torn paper to the glued area. Next apply glue under the red torn paper for the next color, and so on!! (you will only be able to do three or four colors).

Easy rainbows
Tape three or four different colored crayons in a straight line. Show your child how to draw a rainbow with one stroke.

Cereal Rainbows
You will need a box of Fruit Loops (or similar cereal), paper, pencil and glue. For younger children, you should draw a rainbow shape on to the paper then have the children glue the fruit loops inside the shape. Older children can make their own rainbow shape, or trace it. You may also do this project as open ended art by allowing the children to make whatever they wish with the fruit loops.

Leprechaun Foot Prints
Obtain a very long piece of white paper, about six feet long is nice. Then have each child walk across the paper after a teacher has painted their feet green.

Pistachio Pudding Finger Paint
Mix instant pistachio pudding according to the directions and paint on wax paper. Great for children who like to eat their art.

Potato Prints
Cut a large potato in half. You will need a cookie cutter that will fit on the potato half. Press the cookie cutter into the flat side of the potato. Then, using a knife, cut the potato around the outside of the cookie cutter, leaving a shaped potato stamp. Supply the children with the potato stamps, different colored paints, and paper. Have the children dip the potatoes in the paint and press them firmly onto the paper. If the potatoes are not cut evenly the shapes will not appear clearly.

Easy Shamrock Paper Craft:

Young children wiil find this easy to make:

Materials:  scissors, glue, green construction paper, one of colored macaroni, or rice, colored fruit loops.

Directions: Make a sharock shape out of green construction paper. Decorate with rice, or macaroni, and fruit loops. Hang on fridge.


Filter Paper Shamrocks:

Materials:  coffee filters, water, glue, yellow and blue food coloring, baby food jars, eye dropper.

Directions:  Precut Shamrock shapes out of coffe filters. Mix water and yellow food coloring and place mixture in baby food jars. Do the same with blue. Let the children use the eye dropper to dip colors on the filter shape. The color will run together and make beautiful shamrocks.


Easy Sharocks-- even toddlers can do.

Materials:  green and white construction paper, scissors, circle form to trace, glue.

Directions: Cut 3 small heart shapes from construction paper. Trace a circle shape on the green construction paper. Cut out a sliver of the circle so it looks like a cresent shape. This will be the stem. Glue the 3 hearts together forming a shamrock leaf shape onto the white construction paper and add the cresent shape for the stem.


Shake Me and Make Me Shamrocks:

Materials:  1 c. salt, green food coloring, ziplock bag, paper, empty salt and pepper shaker, glue, scissors.

Directions:  Place salt in the ziplock bag, add a few drops of food coloring and pass around for the children to shake. Cut large shamrock out of paper for each child. Have children spread glue on the paper and then apply green salt. This is great for younger children who shouldn't use glitter!


St. Paddy's Day Little Men:

Cut out a large shamrock shape. Have the dck's paste it on a large art stick or popscicle stick and then add the arms and legs with attached little shamrocks for hands and feet.


Rainbow Handprint Craft:

Materials: colored construction paper in rainbow colors, glue, scissors.

Directions: Trace child's hand on each colored paper and then paste onto full size construction paper to make a rainbow shape.


Gold Stone:

Find different sizes of stones and spray paint them gold. Let dry. Hide in sand box or around the house. The kids love finding their own special "Lucky Gold" rock!


St. Patrick's Day Crown:

Materials: scissors, pipe cleaners, construction paper, glue, stapler, glitter, sequins, etc....

Directions: Cut a band of paper long enough to fit around child's head. Glue or staple green pipe cleaners into the band. Cut shamrocks from green construction paper and glue to the top of the pipe cleaner. It may be easier to take two shamrock's and "sandwich" the pipe cleaners between two shamrocks and glue to secure. Now, decorate the band with glitter, sequins, etc! Write :"St. Patrick's Day", with a marker or crayon. Glue or staple the ends of the band together to form a crown.


Leprechaun Mask: Submitted by Sharon. H.

Take some green poster board and cut out shamrocks(big enough to cover face). Don't forget to cut eye holes. Then let children decorate with green items, gold foil chocolate money wrappers. Than attach 2 green pipe cleaners sticking out from the top with bells attached to them.


SHAMROCK PRINTS: Submitted by Julia F.

Cut bell pepper in half and clean out the seeds. The children can dip the cross sections of the pepper into green paint and press the shamrock print onto paper….you can also make shamrocks out of green heart shapers!


Hunt for Green:

Ask children to look for things that are green. Write down what they find.


Run Little Leprechaun:

Have children sit in a circle. Play music as the children pass around a shamrock made out of construction paper. Whhen the music stops, the child holding the shamrock also stops. The children yell "Run Little Leprechaun" The childs gets up and runs around the circle once and sits back down. Let all children have a turn.


Round the Leprechaun:

Place shamrocks, gold coins, and a leprechaun on the floor for the children to dance around.

(childs name) ___ go around the shamrock
(childs name)___ go around the gold
(childs name)___ go around the leprechaun
Every afternoon!____ Boom!


Shamrock Hop:

Place shamrock shapes on the floor. have the children hop from one shamrock to the next.



The Clover Song
sung to " The More We Get Together"

If I could be a clover,
A clover, a clover
If I could be a clover
I would have 4 leaves.
One leaf for luck, and one leaf for fun
If I could be a clover
I would have 4 leaves.
One leaf for wisdom, and one leaf for love
If I could be a clover
I would have 4 leaves.


Who is Wearing Green Today
sung to "Wheels on the Bus"

Who is wearing green today?
Green today, Green today?
Who is wearing green today?
All Day Long.

(child's name).. is wearing Green Today
Green today, Green today?
(child's name).. is wearing Green Today
All Day Long.


Where oh Where
sung to "where oh where has my little dog gone"

Where Oh Where has my pot og gold gone?
Oh Where, Oh Where could it be?
It's black and big and ful of gold,
Oh Where, Oh Where could it be?


Leprechaun song
sung to "I'm a Little teapot"

I'm a little leprechaun
Quick as can be
I hide my gold
Under a tree
If you see a rainbow
You may find
Where I left
My gold behind.



"Lucky Pudding"

Ingredients: vanilla puding mix, green food coloring.

Preparation: Prepare pudding, add a couple of drops of green food coloring. Allow children to stir. The pudding "magically" turns green!


St. Patrick's day Milkshake

Ingredients: One ripe banana,One raw egg, 2 cups of milk, 2 tablespoons of sugar, Three drops of green food coloring.

Directions: Help the children measure everything into a blender container. Count the cups of milk, the tablespoons of sugar, and the drops of food coloring out loud with the children as these things are added. Process on "high" until smooth, which should take about 30 seconds. This recipe makes about 3 cups of milkshake, but it foams a lot so it seems like more.

Green Lunch:

Serve an "Irish" Stew for lunch with green milk and green jello for desert.

If you have some Crafts you would like to share...please send your craft & curriculum ideas to Jan! We are always adding ideas & we’d love to share yours.

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