In Loving Memory of
Kaja DelGrippo

Kaja admiring her favorite Danish rose at
the Portland Rose Gardens

Our dear friend Kaja was not only a wonderful friend, but she was our Mom, our Sister, our shoulder to lean on and the one that made us all feel better.  She was witty & so much fun...never acting her age! Kaja was the glue that held our group together.  She attended all of our gatherings and was always the life of the party! She was also a wife, a mother, a grand mother, a best friend, a child care provider and so much more.  She meant the world to all of us. We’ll never forget you Kaja and the wonderful person you were and still are. You’ll always be a part of us, forever!
We love you & miss you!

PPO Sistas Jackie, Janelle, Kaja and Connie, visiting the Rose Gardens in Portland, Oregon.

Miss Kaja proudly wearing her Ya-Ya
hat that she received from her sista!

Kaja standing in front of the lower part of
Multnomah Falls in the Columbia Gorge, Oregon.

Kaja & Laura having dinner after Irven’s Memorial.

A very funny moment with the PPO sistas all trying to fit
into the van to go spend the day in Portland!!!

Our Favorite
Memories of Kaja

I have many wonderful memories of my dear friend Kaja. From our very first chats on the forum I knew that she was someone special. She had a light that shined so bright and her genuine love for people was blinding. She had a selfless desire to help and went above and beyond and opened her heart for anyone and everyone. These were some of the qualities that she had and shared with all who knew her.

One special moment we shared was when we were traveling to our very first gathering of sisters. We met at the airport. We had only met one time before that and she remembered that I liked a certain kind of Krispy Kreme donut. As we sat on the plane we were a little bit nervous and apprehensive about flying and meeting sisters for the first time in person. Out of her purse she pulled a donut for her and for me(my favorite one). We ate them and laughed and it was to be a tradition we would share each and every time we flew together. That was Kaja...she had a gift of "remembering" even the smallest details about her friends and sisters. She gave so much to each of us that I could write volumes of what she meant to me. It was hard to pick just one. My dear friend Kaja, your wisdom, guidance, friendship, care, love, warm hands and a huge warm and loving heart will NEVER be forgotten. You will forever be my friend and loving sister.

~ by Janelle F.

I loved Kaja’s jokes, laughter and sunshine. No matter what was wrong she always was so positive and I miss her very much.  Our camping trip we did with her and Bill was a ton of fun. We just enjoyed the waves, chatted and had a great time. Dan and Bill got along great too. Miss that so much.

~ by Connie D.

There are so many wonderful memories with Kaja and Our PPO Sistas that I don’t know where to begin...

I’d have to say that one of the best moments was when Kaja planned a big surprise for me with the girls after my husband Irven passed away. For months she told me that the girls were all going to the gathering in Michigan, (which I declined going that year because I was morning my husband). She told me that her husband Bill and her were going to stop by on their way on the trip to spend the afternoon visiting with me.....she even went as far as to have me look up motor home parks in the area for them stay.  LOLLLLLL. On the day Bill & Kaja were supposed to arrive, she knocked on my door and Bill was not there, she told me to come to see the RV and say hello to Bill...... When I went outside with her, our PPO Sisters jumped out from the side of the garage and yelled ‘Surprise’!!!!!!!!!  I was sooooooooooo shocked!!!!! She was very proud of herself for pulling that off......and we had such a wonderful weekend. It meant so much to me that everyone canceled the Michigan trip to come see me in Portland instead. I’ll never forget how wonderful Kaja and my sistas were to me!! We had a great time :)

~ by Laura C.

A PPO memory that I have of Kaja are the virtual parties she use to throw on the weekends... she'd send the cute virtual bald guy on to the next sista....she was so much fun!!! She was also the first sista that confettied me during one of our many exchanges! LOL.

~ by Dee Dee B.

When I met Kaja for the first time in person, when I was in California, I introduced myself to her and held out my hand to shake her hand. She slapped my hand away and said, "No hand shakes here, only hugs!" And she gave me the biggest hug.

~ by Menia

Please send in your favorite memories & photos with Kaja to Laura at: and we’ll post them here to share with everyone.

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