Do You know what Friday, May 7th is?

May 7, 2010 is National Provider
Appreciation Day!

May 2nd ~ 8th is National Provider
Appreciation Week!

Provider Appreciation Day is a special day to recognize child care providers, teachers and educators of young children everywhere. Started in 1996 by a group of volunteers in New Jersey, Provider Appreciation Day is appropriately celebrated each year on the Friday before Mother’s Day. The week leading up to this special day has been named “Family Child Care Week” and “Provider Appreciation Week.“ The founding organizers saw the need to recognize the tireless efforts of providers who care for children of working parents. Since then, momentum and support for this event have grown each year and recognition presently includes individuals and government organizations throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Recognition takes many forms including state and municipal government proclamations, local media coverage, business and community events, and private acknowledgement from parents.

Today’s child care providers are the world’s unsung heroes. The child care profession is one of the most underpaid occupations in the country; yet early childhood is the most critical developmental period for all children. Parents and community leaders are encouraged to show their appreciation for child care providers through a variety of means from individual recognition to public events and local media coverage. It takes a special person to work in this field and their contribution to the quality of family life frequently goes unnoticed – until now.

It takes a dedicated person to be successful in the demanding world of today’s child care professional. Provider Appreciation Day offers a unique opportunity to recognize and commend the unselfish dedication, compassion and strong family values that child care providers demonstrate everyday.

The symbol for this very special week is the white Daisy Wreath. Soon, child care providers around the world will proudly display a Daisy Wreath on their front door! Please help us spread the word about this very important symbol… you can help by telling your friends, family and even your child care provider. Consider making your child care provider a Daisy Wreath of her/his very own, using a pre-made wreath, and gluing on white silk or plastic daisies. Even the smallest acts of appreciation can speak volumes to your child care provider! For more information, please visit Provider Appreciation Day’s official website at

Article written by Erika Simmons

Share Your Memories...

PPO Members would like to share their wonderful Provider Appreciation Week memories with you...It’s so great to see that parents around the nation are finally starting to understand and respect the importance that providers are to their families. If you have a special experience you’d like to share please send them to Laura at:

My story about Provider Appreciation Week.

Today, Tuesday, one of my parents knocked on the door in the morning.  I open it and she was standing there with a big bouquet of flowers. She said; "These are for you". I say "Thank you so very much, they are beautiful but how come?" She tells me that one of her friends from back east sent her an email about Provider Appreciation Week and she just wanted to give me something to make me feel special. She had never heard of it before and I not told anybody because I myself did not know about it until you started talking  about it on the forum.

What a nice way to begin the day.

Kaja Del Grippo

Provider Appreciation Wreath Contest

PPO Members hand made and submited their Provider Appreciation Day / Week wreath photos for members & visitors to vote on their favorites.
Below are all of the entries we received, they’re just beautiful.

Wreath No. 1
made by Kaja D.

Wreath No. 3
made by Janelle F.

Wreath No. 5
made by Tama B.

Wreath No. 7
made by Beau M.

Wreath No. 9
made by Jackie J.

Wreath No. 2
made by Laura C.

Wreath No. 4
made by Leslie T.

Wreath No. 6
made by Jessica S.

Wreath No. 8
made by Dina G.
was Our Contest Winner!!!
Wooooooooo Hooooooo!!!

Our Contest is NOW over...Thank you to everyone who Entered their beautiful daisy wreaths!!!!!

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