PPO’s Ya-Ya Sisterhood Event

In March 2003 PPO held a fun event for members to make each other PPO Sisterhood hats like the movie Ya-Ya Sisterhood.  This was a fun project that those who participated really enjoyed...

Below you’ll meet some of your PPO Sisters and see how much they enjoy their hats!  Ya-Ya!!!!!

Thank you to everyone who made this event
so special and fun!  Enjoy the pictures!!

Here’s our own Copperrr with her georgeous kitty hat from Cathy S.! We all know how much Copperrr loves kitties...

Queen Runs-with-the-Bulls

Janelle F.’s hat was made by Laura C...with all of Janelle’s favorite colors and hobbies.  Janelle loves to paint nature scenes such as old barns and ghost towns...and loves the great outdoors.

Empress Serious-as-a-Heart-Attack

This is Jen W.’s hat made by Shelly F.... Wow!! What a cool rock’n out hat!!!!!  The beads and Aerosmith symbol speaks
for itself!!!! Jen just loved it!!

Countess Laughing Lemurs

Shelly F.’s beautiful hat was made especially for her by Sue D...The All American Girl!

Tammy T.’s sisterhood hat was made by Copperrr...and it says her Ya-Ya name in adorable little beads across the front! How cute is that!

Marchioness Three-Sheets-to-the-Wind

Queen Smiling Sun

Terri M.’s sisterhood hat was made by Roberta E...How adorable it that ya’ll!!!  Great job gals!

Access Our 2nd Ya-Ya Hat event by clicking on the bear above :)

Visit the Official Ya-Ya Sisterhood website to get your Ya-Ya name from the name generator...it's a real blast, just go to:

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