PPO Forum Rules

*Updated February 8th, 2010


 1. Members of PPO must be work in a child care related profession such as a licensed child care provider, elementary school teacher, daycare centre or nanny.

 2. There are no minimum forum participation requirements, but hope that you’ll be an active member and participate at least once per week. If you have not had the opportunity to introduce yourselves, please do so when you come to the forum for the first time.  We all look forward to meeting new 'faces' , helping & supporting each other, and making new friends.

 3. All members of PPO promise to use integrity on our site, including being friendly at all times, and will become a member of the forum with the intentions of helping others and making new friends. At no time will unprofessional or negative behavior be accepted towards PPO or another member.  If this happens you will be asked to leave immediately. Renewal membership may not be granted.

 4. Members promise to conduct themselves in a friendly manner at all times on the forum and Chatrooms and problems will be reported to Laura or Julia.

 5. Members who wish to advertise their services may do so through the "Providers First" page on our website, or post on our ‘Other Professions’ page in the forum.

 6. PPO members may occasionally receive special announcements from PPO via email such as newsletters notifying members of special events, contests and What’s New at PPO.

 7. Forum & Website Passwords will NEVER be given out to another person or member.  Members needing passwords will contact Laura or Julia.  When the PPO forum password changes members may not automatically receive notification. For security reasons you may need to email us to request it.

 8. If a member can not be contacted via email then their membership will be cancelled imediately.  If you wish to continue membership please send PPO your new email address or sign up again.

 9.  A member must be an active forum participant to participate in PPO’s Special Events.

10. Members can report violators of our rules to PPO at any time by contacting the Management Team.

11.  Membership to PPO is Free for all providers.


* These rules are subject to revision and addition as needed to benefit all
members. PPO reserves the right to decline or cancel membership
at any time. All Rights Reserved. *

To Report a violation to Positive Provider Rules, please contact the PPO Management Team.  Your name will be kept anonymous when reporting.
We will take care of problems as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Thank you for joining Positive Providers Online! We look forward to
having you as a member of our E.L.I.T.E. group.

Welcome to Positive Providers Online!

Questions? Please feel free to contact
Us at any time! :o)

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