PPO Mentoring Program

Coming Soon!

Positive Providers would like to announce a Special Program for Providers to Give Providers a Helping Hand! It’s our Mentoring Program for New
providers! Seasoned & experienced providers will team up with New
 providers to help them get started on their new and exciting journeys.
There is much support needed during this time of starting
up a new business and we are here to help!

If you are have been in the child care field for a long time and would like to
help another provider along the way, please sign up below. If you’re a
‘Newbie’ we’d  love to help you...answer your questions and give
as much advice as we can...just sign up below and we’ll assign
you your very own Positive Provider Mentor!

Thank you April for inspiring PPO to plan a Mentoring Program!

How the Mentoring Program Works:

You must be an in-home, state or military licensed child care provider to be a PPO Mentor.  This is because we believe that you must also be experiencing ‘child care’ each day in your home and ‘living’ proof of your training & advice *wink*...that’s why our motto is “Providers giving Providers a Helping Hand”.

You must also be a member of Positive Providers Online to participate in the Mentoring program.

As a Mentor you must be willing to share your expertise with each provider for a minimum time of six months or until both parties agree mentoring is no longer needed...of course you would continue to be available when ever needed.

What does being a Mentor mean? Your responsibilities would be to have regular contact via email to help your provider out, to give training answers, to help with situations that may arise in daycare, such as business issues or child / parent related issues.


How to Apply for a Mentor & to Be a Mentor:

Simply Copy and Paste this Questionnaire into an email with the subject line:  Mentor Program

1. Would you like to be a Mentor or would you like to have a Mentor?
2. Why would you like to be a Mentor? Or Why would you like to have a Mentor?
3. Where do you live & how long have you been a provider?
4. Would you like a Military FCC Mentor or a State Registered Mentor or either one?
5. What do you hope to learn from your mentor?
6. Would you prefer a Mentor in your own state or any state? (If you prefer your own state you may have a longer wait for a Mentor to help you).
7. Please send in your Full Name:
8. Your Full Address:
9. Your E-mail Address:
10. Your Phone Number:

~ Current Mentoring Participants ~

Coming Soon!

Certificate of Appreciation

Once A Mentor & New Provider completes Six Months
in ‘training’ together both will receive a beautiful
Certificate of Appreciation suitable for
framing and displaying with pride.

For more information about the Positive Provider’s Mentoring Program ~or~ to sign-up as a Mentor or as a New Provider who needs mentoring,
email Laura, she will be happy to help.

*Don’t forget to send in the Questionnaire above *

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