Links for Parents

For Parents!!
Lots of tools and on finding care, resources
Childcare Directory! 
Communication in Childcare
A must read for parents!
Advantages to home childcare
Potty training and Childcare 
Talking to your Childcare provider about Disipline

Great poems about dc providers 
More great poems about dc providers
Quality home Childcare 
A wonderful collection of Poems from dc providers and Moms! 
This page is filled with special poems, quotes, and interesting articles relating to family, children and childcare  
Another great site with DC provider poems!

Meet other Parents   
A Great place to meet and chat with other parents

Childrens Health 
Great site for parents with ? about sickness 
Handouts explaining childhood sickness   (Canada)

Great parenting articles 
Great parenting site Quality time after dc  Great Article!   
The Components of a Childcare Professional
Communication in Childcare 
Where do your daycare $$ go! 
10 golden rules for keeping a Provider! 
Lots of great articles pertaining to your child and childcare! 
Excellent articles!

“I love knowing that I am making a difference
in the world one child at a time...”

“I would just like parents to know that we are professionals, we have all the proper education and are licensed with our state, which is important.  The state recognizes us as professionals why can't the parents, especially if they want the best quality care for their child, no matter how much it costs.  Since we are professionals we should get, and deserve, the respect that comes with being a professional educator and caregiver.  We are TEACHERS and we deserve the same treatment as any other teacher no matter what age is taught.”

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