What Parents Need to Know
About Illness in Daycare

Dear Parents,

The single most important policy we have in our child care businesses is our illness policies. Below you’ll find the policies that we require you to follow. Please remember registered, licensed and non-licensed providers and daycare centers are all required to follow the health regulations of their state and national standards, these are not rules made up by the provider...the provider simply enforces the requirements as given to them to have a healthy environment for all children.  Please note...we can lose our licenses if we do not follow health care policies and we don’t want to spread illness to the other children in care.

Please print this page out for future reference and if you have any questions please contact your family physician.

Thank you!

Laura Coulter
Founder of Positive Providers Online

ILLNESS: (This policy is strictly enforced). by Laura C.

This is the most important policy of all.  The State Health department of Oregon, and Children’s Services Division, requires that all children that are ill, not come to day care, schools, or be around other children.  A child is sick when:  a fever of 100 degrees or higher, vomiting, diarrhea, or sinus infection. (A sinus infection is a runny or thick nose, that has color, and is not clear), and will need to be treated with antibiotics.

If your child becomes sick at home with any of the above symptoms, please do not bring them to day care.  You must first contact me prior to bringing your child, it will be at my discretion whether they come to care that day. If they have any of the above symptoms, they will not be allowed in care.

Children can return to care 24 hours after beginning an antibiotic for sinus infections, or 24 hours after the last occurrence of diarrhea, or vomiting, with No fever.  Even if your child seems fine, please keep them home for the additional 24 hours. 

Other more serious illnesses such as chicken pox or a virus, I will need a note from the doctor to return to care.

If a child becomes ill while in my care, I must separate him/her from the other children, and have the parent or alternate come immediately to pick them up.

My illness policy~! Parents think it's ok to drug their children up before they bring them over and then lie to us about them being sick. They don't seem to take into consideration all the other children or myself and my family who could catch whatever they child has. I wish that they would just stop and think....... "would they want their child who isn't ill around another child who was as ill as theirs is now?" Maybe then they would take a moment and consider all involved. It's not just about THEM~!!! There are other people involved and other children who will be made to suffer for their negligence.

Illness: by Kaja D.

State Law requires that no child come to daycare if they are ill. That includes a fever 100 degree or higher, vomiting, diarrhea, constant cough, runny nose that has colored discharge, pink eye, lice etc. If your child has any of the above symptoms please do not bring him/her to daycare.

Children can return after being symptom free for 24 hours without the aid of any over the counter medication or after 24 hours of beginning an antibiotic. Even if your child seems fine, please keep them home the additional 24 hours to be safe. Other more serious illnesses such as chicken pox, scarlet fever, etc. will need a doctor’s note to return to daycare.

If a child becomes ill while in my care, then I will call you and you must pick up immediately.

“I Think that what bothers me the most about parents bringing their sick child to care is when they deny the fact that they are sick and need to stay home!  I actually have parents that blatantly tell me they are NOT ill when they have diarrhea several times in a day and they say it’s not diarrhea. Also when a child has a temp from 100.3 to 101 and the parent insists that is NOT a fever because the do not want to leave work and come pick up their child and take care of them at home as they should...it is a requirement of the health department, and we should be respected immediately when this happens and pick up their child!”

Children want to be home with their parents, taken care of by them, cuddled by them and reassured by them...they don’t want to be at daycare while the parents stay at work.  It’s so sad to me that the child and the provider get treated this way over and over again”.

Illnesses and Medications: by Mollie H.

If your child becomes ill while in my care, he/she will be isolated from the other children, still within sight or sound of provider, and given special attention and comfort. You will be notified and will be required to pick your child up within an hour. If Parent(s) can not be contacted, emergency contacts will be notified and they will be required to pick up child. If reasonable efforts are not made to pick up a sick child, the child care contract is subject to immediate termination. This policy is for the health and safety of all concerned.

If your child is running a fever of 101.0 or up, then you must pick them up immediately and they will not be allowed to return to my care until 24 hours after the symptoms have ceased without medication. You must also have a release form from your doctor stating that your child is not contagious and may return to my daycare.

Also, if your child comes to my daycare and they have a runny nose which has a yellow or greenish discharge, and they are acting lethargic or cranky, this is a sign of some type of sinus infection or other illness and they need to be picked up immediately and taken to see a Dr. Your child will not be accepted back into my care until the mucous is either clear or completely gone. A doctors note will also be necessary to make sure that whatever your child had was not contagious.

No child in the contagious stages of a communicable disease may be accepted for care unless the child is the only child accepted for care during the period of contagion, or the other children present are not susceptible to the illness.

**If at my discretion your child is too sick to be in my care on any given day, I will not accept your child/children. (This is to protect the health of the other children)** Therefore it is the policy of Walnut Tree Childcare to not accept for care any child who exhibits the following:

Unusual rash
Fever of 101 degrees or higher.
Runny nose with colored discharge
Stiff neck
Excessive coughing, difficult or rapid breathing
Diarrhea (more than one abnormally loose stool within 24 hour period)
Unusually dark urine and/or gray or white stool and yellowish skin or eyes.
Discharge from eyes or ears (including conjunctivitis- pink eye.)
Vomiting- Do not bring your child if he/she has vomited within the past 24 hours
Lice- cases of lice must be treated and nit free before returning to care.
Communicable diseases- All cases require notification of parents of all children in my care as well as notification of the public health department.

Children with a mild cold can attend. They will be monitored carefully and if the cold reaches the point that the child is truly miserable (continuous cough, nose secretions not clear, fever over 100) you will be required to pick up your child immediately and keep the child home until they are symptom free for 24 hours. Masking your child’s symptoms with over-the-counter medications and bringing them to care anyway are grounds for immediate termination with loss of deposit and fees.

Before returning to care, your child must be free of all symptoms for 24 hours without the aid of medications. If your child has been absent from care due to an illness for 3 days or more, you must bring a doctor’s note indicating the child is well enough to return to care. Children requiring prescription medication for a contagious illness must stay home until the child has been on the medication for a period of 24 hours and no longer contagious to others.

Remember that these policies benefit your child as well as other children. Your cooperation is appreciated and will be rewarded with the assurance that all ill children will be kept at home. Ask yourself if you would want a child as sick as your own around your own healthy child when ill. Every precaution is taken to reduce spread of illness by encouraging hand washing and other sanitary practices.

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