Spooky Halloween & Autumn Crafts

~ Fingerplays ~


Five Little Pumpkins

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate,

The first one said, “oh my, it’s getting late,”

The second one said, “it’s dark out here,”

The third one said, “but we don’t care,”

The fourth one said, “we’re ready for some fun,”

The fifth one said, “let’s run and run and run!”

Whooooo went the wind, and OUT went the lights,

And five little pumpkins rolled out of sight!

To extend this activity, use felt pumpkins on a flannelboard.


Jumping Into Fall

In the fall, all the leaves fall down

(wiggle fingers down)

Orange, yellow, red, and brown.

I pile them up as neat as a pin.

(make a gathering motion)

Then I run

(run in place)

And jump right in!

(jump up; then sit down)

(The Mailbox)


Ten Little Pumpkins

(Cut 10 pumpkins shapes out of orange felt and place on flannelboard.  Remove the shapes as you recite the rhyme.)

Ten little pumpkins all in a line,

One because a jack-o-lantern, then there were nine.

Nine little pumpkins peeking through the gate,

A farmer came and took one, then there were eight.

Eight little pumpkins – there never were eleven,

A green goblin took one, then there were seven.

Seven little pumpkins full of jolly tricks,

A white ghost took one, now there are six.

Six little pumpkins glad to be alive,

A black cat took one and then there were five.

Five little pumpkins by the barn door,

A hoot owl took one, then there were four.

Four little pumpkins – as you can plainly see,

One became a pumpkin pie, then there were three.

Three little pumpkins feeling very blue,

One rolled away, then there were two.

Two little pumpkins alone in the sun,

One said “so long” and then there was one!

One little pumpkin left all alone,

A little boy chose him, and took it home.

Ten little pumpkins in a patch so green, made everyone happy on Halloween.


~ Art Projects ~


Spider Masks

Materials:  black paint, paper plate, 8 strips (approx. 1 inch) of black construction paper, craft stick.

Have each child paint their paper plate black.  When dry cut out two eye holes.  Take each strip of black construction paper and fold back and forth about every inch to make the legs.  Staple four strips on each side of the paper plate.  Add a craft stick for the handle. (The Mailbox)


Spooky Spider

Materials:  Foam cup, black paint, 4 pipe cleaners cut in half, two pom poms.

Paint the foam cup with black paint.  Take the 8 pieces of pipe cleaners and bend in the middle. Attach four to each side of the foam cup by turning the cup upside down and gently poking into the rim.  Glue the two pom poms to the very top of the cup for eyes. (The Mailbox)


Hoot, Hoot Owl

Materials:  Brown lunch sack, two cupcake liners, orange construction paper triangle.

Stuff lunch sack lightly with crumpled newspaper.  Fold down top about ¼ of the way down and staple along the fold.  On the folded flap glue two paper cup liners (for eyes).  Have the children color a large black dot in the center of each cupcake liner.  Under the flap in the middle, add the orange paper triangle to make a beak.  (The Mailbox)


Spider Webs

Materials:  Black construction paper, white paint, marbles, low shirt box with lid, plastic spider (optional).

Place a piece of black construction paper in the bottom of the box.  Drop two marbles into white paint and place in box on the construction paper.  Place lid on the box and let the children roll and shake.  After the paint dries you can glue a small plastic spider on the “web”.


Web Weavers

Materials:  Foam paper plate, yarn, plastic spiders.

Notch the foam paper plate at equal intervals all the way around.  Attach a long piece of yarn to the back of the plate using tape.  Have the children wrap their yarn from notch to notch (across) to make a web.  Glue on a plastic spider if desired.


Large Pumpkin

Materials:  Large pumpkin shape, orange paint, pumpkin pie spice.

Cut out a large pumpkin shape from construction paper. Have each child paint it with orange paint.  Before it dries sprinkle with a little pumpkin pie spice!


Pumpkin Patch

Materials:  Carrot, orange paint, construction paper, green marker.

Cut a carrot in half (short way).  Have each child dip the round end into the orange paint and press onto their construction paper, making several prints.  After the paint dries have the children connect their pumpkins using a green marker, making vines.

Pumpkin Collage

Materials:  Small paper plate, orange tissue paper or construction paper.  Let the children tear their paper into pieces and glue all over the paper plate.  Add a torn brown stem if desired.


Pumpkin Cut-Out

Materials:  Large pumpkin shape from construction paper, clear contact paper, orange tissue paper.

Cut out the center of the paper pumpkin shape, leaving about a one inch rim.  Cut a piece of clear construction paper to fit the hole and attach to one side so that there is a sticky side.  Have the children place tissue paper squares all over the sticky side.  These look beautiful hanging in a window.


My Leaf Book

Materials:  Leaf shape cut from sandpaper, crayons, paper.

Have each child make a leaf rubbing using the sandpaper leaf, using red, orange, yellow and brown.  Make a cover page saying “My Fall Colors” and then on each page write Red Leaf, Brown Leaf, etc.


Paper Bag Pumpkins

Materials:  Lunch size paper bags, twist tie, orange and green paint, newspaper.

Have each child stuff the paper bag.  Twist closed leaving a couple of inches for stem. Paint under the twist tie orange and above the twist tie green.


~ Sensory ~


Fishing for Pumpkins

For some pumpkin fun, put orange ping pong balls in the water table.  Give the children a small fish net and let them scoop the balls and place them in a plastic pumpkin bucket.


Scented Playdough

Add some pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon to your orange playdough for a fun smelly experience!

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