Friendship Themes

by Julia F.


Five Little Friends

(hold up five fingers, subtract one with each action)
Five little friends playing on the floor,
One got tired and then there were four.
Four little friends climbing in a tree,
One jumped down and then there were three.
Three little friends skipping to the zoo,
One went for lunch and then there were two.
Two little friends swimming in the sun,
One went home and then there was one.
One little friend going for a run,
Decided to take a nap and then there were none.


Tape the children's voices throughout the day.  The next day leave the tape recorder at the science table.  The children can listen to the tape and try to guess which friend is talking.

Dramatic Play

A Tea Party

Provide dress up clothes, play dishes and water in the dramatic play area.

Large Muscle

Double Balance Beam

Place two balance beams side by side and encourage two children to hold hands and cross together.

Arts and Crafts

Friendship Circle

Have a large paper circle.  Trace each child's hands, cut out and have the children color their hands.  Glue the hands all around the outside edge of the circle.  Display on your bulletin board or wall.

Friendship Bracelets

Cut a paper towel tube into one or two inch sections.  Then cut the section along the short side to make a bracelet.  Give the children stickers to decorate.  Then have the children exchange friendship bracelets.

Friendship Collage

Provide each child with a piece of construction paper or paper plate.  Look in magazines to find pictures of "friends".  They could be people or animals.  Have the children glue their pictures on their paper to make a collage.

Friendship Bulletin Board

Ask the children to bring pictures of their friends into the classroom.  Set up a bulletin board in the classroom where these pictures can be hung for all to see.  Remind the children that friends can be family members and animals too!


‘Friend to Friend’
(sung to: If You're Happy And You Know It)

If you want to be a friend,
Clap your hands! (clap, clap)
If you want to be a friend,
Clap your hands. (clap, clap)
When you smile every day,
And you're kind in every way,
Then you ARE a special friend.
Clap your hands! (clap, clap)

‘Are You Sharing’
(sung to:  Are you Sleeping?)

Are you sharing?  Are you sharing?
Be a friend.  Be a friend.
Sharing leads to caring.  Caring leads to sharing.
What a friend.  What a friend.

If you have some Crafts you would like to share...please send your craft & curriculum ideas to Laura! We are always adding ideas & we’d love to share yours.

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