Father’s Day & Summer Themes

by Jan, Julia and friends



MATERIALS: Old neck tie, craft glue or hot glue gun, small pic. of child, fabric paint or glitter glue.

HOW TO MAKE: Get an old neck tie that dad doesn't use. Lay the tie across the table and arrange your pic. in the middle of the fat end of the tie. DO NOT GLUE YET!!!!!!! Over top of pic. spell HAPPY with your fabric paints or glue. Near the bottom spell FATHERS DAY. Take your pic. off the tie and place your glue around the edges and in the middle of the back of your pic. Set your pic. on top of the place on the tie where it was before and glue. Put your tie somewhere where it will not get wrecked and let it dry. DO NOT PUT ANYTHING ON TOP OF THE TIE because the paint will smear.



MATERIALS: Old CD rom, pic of child, plastic knife, hot glue gun, clay

HOW TO MAKE: Take a small amount of clay (about a half dollar size), and smooth it out into a shape of a circle. Press it down to make a flat bottom. Cut a slit in the top.(This is where the CD will sit in). Cut pic. out to fit inside the center of the CD. Then glue the pic on the CD, let dry 15min, then place CD into the mold by using the hot glue gun, and PRESTO,you have a Father's Day Picture Frame!!!! Use an air dry clay or crayola's model magic. HAVE FUN!!!!!



MATERIALS: 1 wooden picture frame, river rocks, tacky glue, paint, paint brush, photo

Paint frame and set aside to dry. Glue photo to frame. Glue river rocks to frame.



MATERIALS: Popsicle sticks, glue, paint(2 or more different colors), soup can with label removed

HOW TO MAKE: Paint popsicle sticks with whatever colors you have chosen. When these have dried, glue them to the soup can. These make neat pencil holders for dad. For younger children instead of using popsicle sticks have the children decorate the can with colored tissued paper.



MATERIALS: 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of water, food coloring, ribbon, gold marker, wax paper

HOW TO MAKE: Add food coloring to water. Use pink for girls and blue for boys. Mix all ingredients well, kneading until smooth. Dough should be pretty stiff, not soft or runny or it will fill with air bubbles when baking. Form dough into ball, of about what you can enclose in your 2 hands, and form into a round smooth ball. Using a rolling pin with the dough on wax paper, roll out into as round of a circle as you can. Dough will be about 1/2 inch thick. Press your childs hand with fingers splayed into the dough. Depending on childs age, you will have to help individually press their fingers. Make sure to press deeply enough without going  completely to the bottom. (when it bakes it tends to raise the hand print up)Put on a cookie sheet. Use a chop stick or pencil to make 2 holes in the top about 1/2 inch. Have children make a card and add the following poem:

Sometimes you get discouraged

Because I am so small

And always leave my finger prints

On furniture and walls

But everyday I'm growing big

And soon I'll be very tall

Then all my little hand prints

Will be hard to recall

So here's a special hand print

Just so that you can say

this is how my fingers looked

when I placed them here today



MATERIALS: paper plate, ribbon and markers

HOW TO MAKE: have children decorate the rim of the plate with markers. Then place childs hand in paint and have them place their handprint in the center of the paper plate. Add a ribbon on the bottom of the plate for a special touch. Include a card with the craft or write a poem on  the back of the plate. Poem below:

I miss you when we're not together

I'm growing up so fast

See how big I've gotten

Since you saw me last?

As I grow, I'll change alot,

The years will fly right by.

You'll wonder how I grew so quick

When and where and why?

So look upon this hand print

That's hanging on your wall.

And memories will come back of me,

When I was very small



Not all dads are into golf or fishing, but there aren't too many that don't like cookies-especially, their own private batch!!

MATERIALS: recycled oatmeal container, 2 sheets of light blue construction paper, light blue computer paper, pic. of cookies cut from magazines, paper, pencil,scissors, ruler, school glue, quart-size plastic bag, dads favorite cookies. (Optional:blue glitter glue, computer, printer)

HOW TO MAKE: Prepair the container. Measure and cut construction paper to fit around the oatmeal container. Glue construction paper to container, smoothing out paper. Let dry. Decorate container. Glue cookie cutouts around outside of container as desire. Write or print poem on computer paper. Cut a 3 3/4 inch circle around poem and glue to top of lid. (Optional: Applie glitter glue along adges of paper circle.Let dry.)Line container with plastic bag and fill container with dads favorite homemade or store bought cookies. Poem below:

My Dad is the sweetest he can be,
He treats me oh so lovingly,

He takes me out and we have fun,
I know he loves me more than a ton!!!

He spends his precious time with me,
And lets me be all I can be.

I like to share my time with my Dad,
And tell him about the day I had.

He's there when I need him the most,
He's the best Dad from coast to coast.

One day when I'm all grown up as can be,
He'll still be the #1 Dad to me!!!



MATERIALS: 1 paper bag, 1 twig 5" , tan paper, 2" X 4" , stamps, string, ribbon, or leather strip 5", paint, paint brush, hole punch

HOW TO MAKE: Stamp or paint the word, "DAD" on the bottom portion of the bag, set aside to dry. Stamp or paint leaf shape onto tan paper and set to dry. Fill bag with gift then fold over the top of the bag and punch holes. Cut around the leaf print, punch a hole then sign your name. Lace twig through the hole and tie the leaf tag to the twig.


Songs for Father’s Day:

(to the tune of B-I-N-G-O)

I have a very special friend,
And Daddy is his name-o,
D-A-D-D-Y, D-A-D-D-Y, D-A-D-D-Y,
and Daddy is his name-o!!

He always loves and cares for me,
And Daddy is his name-o,
D-A-D-D-Y, D-A-D-D-Y, D-A-D-D-Y,
and Daddy is his name-o!!

(to tune of Happy Birthday)

Happy Father's Day to you!
Happy Father's Day to you!
Happy Father's Day , dear Daddy!
Happy Father's Day to you!


( to tune of LondonBridge) 

Daddy, Daddy, I love you!
I love you!
I love you!
Daddy, Daddy, Iove you!
Yes, I do!


(to tune of Are You Sleeping?) 

You are special, you are special,
Every day, every day!
Now on Father's Day
Oh my dearest Daddy,
I will say,
"I love you!"

Summer Themes

Summer Crafts



MATERIALS: sand, food coloring, glue, and heavy card stock or construction paper

HOW TO MAKE: Creat a work of art to remind you of sunny summer beach days! This is a simple craft that is appropriate for a wide range of ages. Put a small amout of sand into a zip lock plastic bag. Add a few drops of differnet colors of food coloring to each and shake and massage the bag until the sand is the desired color. Transfer the sand to a paper plate so that it can dry. Now use glue and sand alternately to make a multy colored picture or design. Allow to dry and hang.



MATERIALS: 1 gallon-size zip lock bag, 1 quart-size zip lock bag, milk,sugar, vanilla, salt, ice 

HOW TO MAKE: in the 1 qaurt-size bag, put 1 cup of milk, 1 table spoon sugar, and 1/2 tea spoon vanilla. In the gallon-size bag put 1/3 cup salt, 3/4 of the bag filled with ice cubes. Place smaller bag inside the larger bag(make sure the seal is tight)shake vigorously for 5 min and enjoy. 

(In case your wondering.....................................YES, YES, YES..........this really works.)



MATERIALS: big rock, pictures clipped from magazines, white craft glue, paint brush

HOW TO MAKE: have the children choose a rock from the garden or from somewhere out side. Clean it off. Pick a picture that fits the rock. Paint the picture down with watered down glue onto the rock.



MATERIALS: 1 1/2 large paper plates, scissors, tape, stapler

HOT TO MAKE: let the children color the half of 1 paper plate and the rim of the other. When they are done, you will need to cut the rim out of the plate and discard the middle section. This becomes the band for the head. You staple one end to the one side of the half of plate then the other end to the other side. You might need to tighten it up a bit. Once you staple it, take some tape and cover the staples(both sides) Thsi way the children do not scratch their faces and it is sturdy.



MATERIALS: 5-10 2  litre pop bottles with lids, sand, tape

HOW TO MAKE: fill bottles with sand and screw lid on tightly to bottle, tape to secure. Children may decorate bottle if they wish with markers, stickers, paint etc. Line bottles up outside in yard and have children lie on ground and roll towards the bottles and knock them down. Children love this game!! HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

More Summer Themes
Coming Soon...

If you have some Crafts you would like to share...please send your craft & curriculum ideas to Laura! We are always adding ideas & we’d love to share yours.

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