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by Julia and Friends

School Crafts:


School Bus:

Materials: top of egg carten, yellow paint, paint brush, old magazines, black construction paper.

How to Make: Paint the egg carten yellow. Let dry. Cut circles out of black construction paper and glue to egg carten once it has dried. Cut pictures of children out of old magazines and glue into place.


Pencil Pot:

 Looking for a way to put a lid on desktop clutter? Just turn an empty container (with lid) such as a small coffee can into a handy holder for your children's school supplies. First wrap a piece of construction paper (trimmed to fit) around the cantainer and tape or glue together the overlapping edges. Then children can draw personalized designes or glue cutouts on the paper. Next, use a craft knife (adults only) to cut a series of X-shaped openings in the plastic lid for inserting pencils, paintbrushes, scissors, and a ruler. You could also glue a small magnet pnto the side of your container to hold paper clips.


Apple Moblie:

Materials:  construction paper, scissors, crayons or felts, string or yarn, hangers, or twigs or dowels.

How to Make: Draw an apple shape. Cut out and make a face on it. (children can do more depending on age) 4 -5 apple strung and attached to a hanger, twig, or dowel would make a great moblie.


Apple Picking (flannelboard)

Cut a tree shape from green and brown felt and place it on the fannelboard. Cut out a number of apples from the tree and count them and name their colors.


Apple Fingerplay:

Look at the apple I have found(form circle with hands) So round and rosy on the ground. Mother will wash it and cut it in two. (pretend to wash and cut apple) Half for me and half for you.(hold out palm,then the other).


I'm a Little Apple:

I'm a Little apple.
Short and round.
I make a crunchy munchy sound,
If you bite into me,
You will see,
I'm delicious as can be!


More Apple Fingerplays:

I saw an apple red and round(make apple shape with both hands). Lying down on the ground(point) I cut it in half. And what did i see (point to eyes) A tiny star shinning down at me (cross hands across chest).


Fall Crafts:


Leaf Creatures:

Materials: 1 sheet of construction paper, 4 leaves, 2 beads, buttons, or wiggle eyes, crayons and glue

How to Make: Go for a walk and have the children collect a variety of leaves. Pick leaves from the collection to represent a head, body, and ears. Arrange the leaves on your paper to create a leaf creature;then glue the leaves down. Glue on the beads, buttons, or wiggle eyes. Use crayons to draw legs.


Fall Bouquet:

Materials: Fall leaves, pinecones, etc. , popsicle sticks, hot glue gun or craft glue, styrofoam ball or clay, flower pot, fall colored ribbon(optional)

How to Make: Bake it all for 45 minutes at 200 degrees to kill all bugs. Use the hot glue gun or craft glue to attach the leaves to the popsicle sticks. If you use craft glue, let them dry. Put the styrofoam ball or large lump of clay in the pot. Stick the ends of the popsicle sticks into the styrofoam bouquet. Tie the ribbon around the pot wit a big bow(optioal).


Autumn Leaf Lantern by Cassie D.

Materials: wax paper, leaves, string or pipe cleaners, construction paper, newspaper, iron, stapler.

How to Make:  Take the kids out to collect leaves.... To make one lantern, place two 18 inch sheet of wax paper on a newspaper covered table. Sandwich the leaves between the wax paper. Cover the wax paper with a layer of newspaper, then iron on low heat to join the wax paper. Next fold two 4 inch by 18 inch stripp of fall colored construction paper in half lenghwise. Slip a folder strip of the construction paper over each long wax paper edge, then staple the strips in place. Staple together the short sides of the wax paper to make a cylinder. Punch two holes across from each other on the top of the cylinder so you can tie a pipe cleaner/string for a hanger.


Fall / Halloween Streamers: by Cassie D.

Materials: crepe paper streamers or adding machine rolls, holiday stamps or colored markers.

How to Make:  Give each child a strip of paper/streamer to decorate. Use them to decorate the play room.


Harvest Necklace:

Materials: red/orange paper, clear contact paper, ho;e punch, ribbon.

How to Make: Cut simple apple and pumpkin shapes from laminated construction paper (can stick clear contact on each side of a sheet of construction paper) or craft foam. Punch a hole through the center of each shape. Have the children lace a pattern of apples and pumpkins on a piece of ribbon (in fall colors)


Autumn Songs:

 It is Autumn (sung to "Happy and you Know it")

It is Autumn
And it's time to rake the leaves!
It is Autumn
And it's time to rake the leaves!
It is Autumn
That's the season!
We don't need
A better reason!
It is Autumn
And it's time to rake the leaves!


This is the Way We Rake the Leaves:

This is the way we rake the leaves, rake the leaves, rake the leaves.
This is the way we rake the leaves in the middle of Autumn.

This is the way we jump on the leaves, jump on the leaves, jump on the leaves.
This is the way we jump on the leaves in the middle of Autumn.

This is the way we throw the leaves, throw the leaves, throw the leaves,
This is the way we throw the leaves in the middle of Autumn.

This is the way we rake the leaves, rake the leaves, rake the leaves.
This is the way we rake the leaves in the middle of Autumn.


The Leaves Are Falling Down

All the leaves are falling down,
Orange, yellow, red and brown
Falling softly as they do,
Over me and over you.

 All the leaves are falling,
Orange, yellow, red and brown.

 * As you sing this, you can have the children slowly turn and twirl, as they lowe to the ground.

If you have some Crafts you would like to share...please send your craft & curriculum ideas to Laura! We are always adding ideas & we’d love to share yours.

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