Fourth of July Themes

by Julia F.


You will need masking tape, white fingerpaint paper, red and blue paint. Take strips of tape and place three or four together in a criss-cross pattern making a star shape on the paper. Have the children paint with red and blue paint. After paint dries, carefully peel off the masking tape, revealing a star shape pattern on the paper.


Use old newspapers and roll them in a large cone shape. Let children paint the cones. When dry, stuff with red and yellow tissue paper. to be the flame of the top.


Use red, white or blue construction paper and roll it length wise.
Glue, tape or staple together. Add string as a handle to one end. Add red, white and blue streamers to the other end.


Color your bubble solution, some red, some blue, some white. Blow bubbles with a straw and have the children place their white construction paper over the bubbles.


Using a black permanent market, trace a star shape onto a large resealable freezer bag. Squirt a few dollops of shaving cream along with either red or blue tempera paint or food coloring into the bag. Add a sprinkle of glitter. Reinforce the opening with packing tape. Invite the children to explore the bags by squishing and tracing their finger over the star outline


For each child cut out the center of a large sturdy paper plate. Attach red, white and blue streamers to the rim. Decorate the rim using sticky stars, glitter and glue.

More Fourth of July

and Summer Themes

by Sue D.

Independence Day

Fourth of July shirts - stamp with fabric paint onto shirts to celebrate the holiday!  Easy for any age.

Door knob hangers with red/white/blue designs - stickers; stiff felt stickers; paints - use any idea!  Kids love'em!

Flower pots - paint them in red/white/blue


Paint rocks red and black...

Hand puppets made out of red felt and black dots.  Glue or sew together.

Catch ladybugs and look at them closely - count their dots.

Read The Grouchy Ladybug.

Make Ladybug thumbprint designs.


Shell magnets.  Purchase small shells and glue together (hot glue works
best, but let the Provider use the glue and have kids set shells carefully
on glue).  Attach to strong round magnet.  These are great!

Fish pictures.  Color fish pictures.

Read Rainbow Fish.

Get a small fish tank and watch the fish daily - what do you notice?

Decorate with sand...

Find fish or ocean shaped party invitations and attach a craft stick to them
and you have fish puppets!

Count with shells - sort with shells.

Have a beach day at day care.

Bubbles Theme
By Julia


Bubble bubble wand bubble solution round circle big little blow high low few many


Circle Time: Welcome song, calendar, bubbles song, blow some bubbles to the children and ask what shape a bubble is, what it is made of.

Bubble Song 
(sung to Fere Jacques)

Blowing bubbles, blowing bubbles,
Is such fun, is such fun,
Blow them in the air,
Blow them everywhere,
Blowing bubbles, blowing bubbles.

Story: Bubble Bubble, Mercer Mayer


Materials: Bubble wrap, paper, paint.
Tape a square of newspaper to the table. Tape a square of bubble wrap to the newspaper. Have the children paint the bubble wrap, then press their paper to it making a print.
Variation: Have the children paint the bubble wrap with their fingers.

Movement: Take bubbles outside and blow them for the children to chase.


Circle Time: Welcome song, calendar, bubble fingerplay.

Blow, blow, blow, blow
(blow into cupped hands)
I blow and then I stop
(open hands wider)
For if I keep on blowing
(open even wider)
My bubble will surely pop!
(clap hands)

Story: Tessy & Tab Bathtime


Materials: Paper plate, sticky dots.
Give the children a paper plate and a sheet of sticky dots (represent bubbles). Have them decorate the plate with the sticky dots. Talk about what shape the plate and dots are. Same or different?
Variation: Give them crayons or markers to connect their dots.

Movement: Take bubble solution outside and let the children blow bubbles.

Science: Bubbling Raisins – Place two or three raisins in a small bottle or jar of sparkling mineral water. Secure the cap and watch the bubbles form as the raisins sink and float.


Circle Time: Welcome song, calendar, repeat bubble fingerplay.

Story: Tessy & Tab Bathtime, another book of your choice


Materials: Bubble solution, tempera paint, straw, paper.
Place bubble mixture in a bowl and add tempera paint. Have children blow through straw to make bubbles. Note: If you have a young group you will want to blow the mixture for them. Place a sheet of paper on bubbles to make print. Do several different colors for interest.

Extra Activity: Cooking Project
Orange Fluff: Pour ¼ c. water into a bowl and add 2 envelopes unflavored gelatin. Stir and let sit for 5 minutes. Add ¾ c. boiling water and stir again until gelatin is dissolved. Pour mixture into a blender and add one 6 oz. can unsweetened frozen orange juice. Blend until fluffy, then pour into small cups. Chill for 15 minutes.


Circle Time: Welcome song, calendar, I’m a Little Bubble song.

I’m a Little Bubble
(sung to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”)

I’m a little bubble, shiny and round.
I gently float down to the ground.
The wind lifts me up and then I drop.
Down to the dry ground where I pop.

Story: Clifford Counts Bubbles


Materials: Large circle paper, blue paint.
Place large circle paper at the easel and provide blue paint.

Sensory: Dish Washing. Place plastic dishes and dishcloths in the sensory table filled with warm soapy water. A dish drying rack could be set up nearby or towels provided to dry the dishes. This could be done cooperatively with two children – one could wash and one could dry, taking turns.

Movement: Take bubbles outside and use various materials for blowing tools: strawberry baskets, six pack plastic rings, bundle and tape 4 – 6 straws together, styrofoam cup with pin holes poked into the bottom. See the different bubbles formed with these tools. Can also blow bubbles for the children to try to catch in the berry baskets.


Circle Time: Welcome song, calendar, repeat of fingerplays and songs, story. Talk about the things we learned about bubbles, using the vocabulary words.

Math Bags: For each child cut 4 to 8 different sizes of circles. Have the children sequence them from small to big.

Variation: You could give them a strip of paper to glue the circles on. You could also add numbers on the circles starting with number 1 being the smallest circle.

Things to think about….

Playdough – add circle cookie cutters to make “bubbles”.

Music – Have the children pretend to be bubbles. Play soft music and tell them to float to the ground, or bounce on a windy day.

If you have some Crafts you would like to share...please send your craft & curriculum ideas to Laura! We are always adding ideas & we’d love to share yours.

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